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Complete Building Construction Contracting
Design and complete construction of resource efficient buildings that have minimum environmental impact combined with pleasing aesthetic design. Materials selected for sustainability and low or non-toxic qualities. Our design or yours.

Structural Shell Construction
We build the main structure for your project including foundations, walls, subfloors, roofs, etc., and you finish. This can result in great cost savings for the owner builder who has time and energy to work on their own project.

Pumice-Crete® Wall Installation
High quality installation of all Pumice-Crete® components of a building. A great start to any job. Foundation and/or poured walls cast on your site to fit your design.

Design Work
Complete design assistance for your custom unique building. We can work with you to develop your ideas into a resource efficient quality design and furnish detailed nuts and bolts drawings. We also work with architects and designers to furnish information and detail drawings for alternative building systems.

Form Rental &
Project Supervision

Some builders want to do it all and we support that by providing form system and technical assistance by phone or on site. Very useful and economical.

Consulting Services
Miscellaneous consulting regarding any building expertise of use to your project. We can help evaluate the efficiency of using Pumice-Crete® and related materials for your project to help make decisions.


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