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A buildings affordability should take into consideration a number of factors in addition to its initial cost of construction. Long term maintenance and energy requirements weigh heavily on whether a building is affordable or not. Oftentimes the least expensive initial construction cost does not produce an ideally affordable house. Pumice-Crete® Building Systems of NM is always attempting to provide building designs that fit into the category of low cost affordable housing. They are meant to be affordable to build and also affordable to maintain and heat and cool. They are constructed with high quality materials with an emphasis on long term economical performance.

The designs are developed to be easy to build. Foundation, wall, roof, and interior systems are kept as simple to build as possible. This is not to say cheap. They are constructed of quality materials yet every effort is made to reduce the quantity of materials and finishes needed and the labor needed to install the different components. Each of the designs is passive solar oriented so that a large percentage of the heat requirement can be supplied by passive solar
Each floor plan has a choice of roof systems depending on what is appropriate for the site and owner. South sloping low slope roofs maximize the ability to collect the rain water that lands on the roof and feed it into a centrally located cistern which could be located on the south side of building.

Gable roofs offer a high slope and the ability to use metal roofing which are very long lasting, cost effective, and good for water collection. Generally they need to slope in two directions making it more complicated to have total rain water collection in a centralized location.

Interior and exterior wall finishes are plaster typical of adobe buildings. Every effort is made to use no products that have environmental side effects. Wood finished surfaces are minimized to reduce the need for plywoods, sealers, and paints. Plumbing and electrical systems are designed to minimize consumption and maximize efficient use.

All of the designs are offered in a basic low cost package and all can have options added that will increase the performance and efficiency of the building. These options include roof water collection system, greywater plumbing, photovoltaic electrical service, solar hot water and floor heat, permaculture landscaping, thermal window curtains, earth berming and more. Its like purchasing a vehicle. You can buy the basic package and save or add options as desired. Each plan is designed to be addable on to as ones need and funding develops. The main plans are between 1000 and 1200 square feet and are not spacious but are comfortable. Additions can be added in the form of porches, patios, and rooms. We work with clients in a number of different capacities. We can completely build the building and do a turnkey agreement or we can offer a shell that an owner builder can finish themselves. We offer working plans for any of the designs. Our policy is to encourage owner involvement in the construction and help them realize cost savings by being involved in the construction. Forming a partnership between owner and contractor is the best way to produce a quality building at an affordable cost.

It is not the policy of Pumice-Crete® Building Systems to provide land or financing for projects. Our focus is on the design and construction of quality low cost primary homes.

Pumice-Crete® can be used to advantage on large scale projects where numerous buildings will be built. A reusable form system can be made for use on all the buildings and kept for future use. The raw materials can then be stocked at the site and mixed on site for a significant savings over purchasing redimix materials. If an onsite labor force is available they can be trained to form and pour foundations and walls for the buildings while carpenters work behind.

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