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Chances are no one material answers all the needs of any given situation. There are many exciting and useful alternative materials being promoted and used today. Pumice-Crete® has proven to be an excellent material used in combination with other sustainable materials. Rammed earth and adobe materials integrate well with pumice based materials. Both are earthen and bond well to each other. Straw bale can be used in conjunction with adobe and Pumice-Crete® to advantage. We are especially enthusiastic about a wall system that uses Pumice-Crete® as the foundation and first two feet of wall and under windows but then uses straw bale up to roof elevation with a concrete reinforced bond beam and concrete posts. This promises to provide cost effective high performance walls with excellent structural integrity. Metal structural systems can use Pumice-Crete® as infill to get high quality, fireproof results. This is especially effective for commercial applications.

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