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Pumice-Crete® Building Systems of NM, in business since 1978, offers a wide variety of building related services.  Our intention is to offer reliable alternative building methods and services that can reduce our dependence on forest products, nonrenewable, energy intensive resources. As the leading developer and installer of Pumice-Crete® wall systems PBSNM excels in the installation, promotion, training, and development of Pumice-Crete® as a versatile and efficient building material with wide applications.

Specializing in: low density, cast on site, insulating concrete - passive solar designs - water collection and conservation- reduced wood and manufactured materials - appropriate technology - adobe, pumice- crete hybrid buildings - strawbale, Pumice-Crete® hybrid designs - energy efficient affordable housing.

PO Box 539, EL Prado, New Mexico 87529

Pumice-Crete® DSL (*designs for sustainable living)

Description of Pumice-Crete® building material.

Professional, thoughtful Design and Construction Services for             contractors, owner builders, and owners.

Pumice-Crete® Images.  Pictures of Pumice-Crete® construction.

Pumice-Crete® Workshops and Seminars to educate and promote the        use of pumice-crete and related building methods.

Affordable Housing and large scale community projects.

Builder Training Programs.  Qualified Builders are needed to keep up      with increasing use of Pumice-Crete® building methods.  This is an excellent      business opportunity..

Other Applications:
Hybrid Material Application
Worldwide Pumice Applications for Pumice-Crete® building methods.

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